Life is fast, drink it slow

A question that we hear a lot; 'what is slowjuice and how is it made?'

Slowjuice is a term used for pure, cold-pressed or slowly squeezed juices, made from raw and fresh ingredients, where the pulp is seperated from the fluid. This proces results in high quality juices with a maximum amount of vitamins and minerals.

Saplab slowjuices contain fresh raw vegetables, like spinach, romain lettuce, carrot, beetroot and celery, herbs like black pepper, ginger and parsley, and sometimes a hint of green apple. Our slowjuices are known for their very high percentage of vegetables; from 85 till 95 percent per bottle! Although fruits could be delicious in a juice, they do have some sugar in them, and we feel very strongly about keeping the sugar level as low as we can.

We have mixed and tried a lot of recipes to get the most delicious taste with the highest percentage of vegetables. 

We juice all the ingredients with the Angel Juicer, a low-speed twingear juicer that rotates slowly, thoroughly crushing and pressing all the juice out of the ingredients without any heat. The slow revolutionary motor prevents oxidation and maintains nutrients and enzyme activity, keeping more enzymes intact because of less heat and friction.

Other high impact juicers and centrifuges destroy large numbers of essential enzymes by subjecting them to heat and shock produced by the metal cutting blades and high speed centrifugal rotation. Nutrients and enzymes in plants are easily destroyed by frictional heat. With the Angel Juicer, the maximum amount of nutrients and enzymes are retained in the juice.

Very Leaf

romaine · spinach · cucumber · celery · parsley· lemon · ginger

Very Leaf Saplab Slowjuices




Carrot Care

carrot · ginger · green apple · turmeric · lemon

Carrot Care Saplab Slowjuices





fennel · cucumber · green apple · fresh mint · lime

Fen Tastic Saplab Slowjuices




Easy Beet

beetroot · lemon · green apple · ginger

Easy Beet Saplab Slowjuices




Green Team

celery · carrot · spinach · green apple · cucumber · spirulina

Green Team Saplab Slowjuices




Beet Box

beetroot · red pepper · carrot · celery · lemon

Beet Box Saplab Slowjuices

A shot a day

Ginger shot

ginger · lime · green apple

Ginger shot