Detoxify your Body!

Doing a Saplab Detox is a way for the body to naturally go into detox mode and getting rid of toxins while at the same time flooding it with enzymes and nutrients. During every day life we accumulate toxins in our body, by eating, breathing and just living our lives and letting our bodies digest and process everthing that we consume. It is important to release ourselves from these toxins, because it can cause problems for our bodies and mind. Like feeling low on energy, a weakened immune system, low moods, having trouble sleeping and poor digestion.

We use big part of our energy for the constant process of digestion. When you stop eating solids foods for a period of time, and replace them with slowjuices, which are extremely high in nutrients and very low in fibers, you give your organs a rest and all that blood and energy and those nutrients can move freely thru your brain, skin, liver and other organs. This way, parts of your body that need some extra attention, are properly attend to and you can give your system a reset.

During a detox you will replace your normal diet with 6 slowjuices and 2 shots per day. As a result this will give your body a rest from digesting food and all your energy will be used to absorb all the vitamins and minerals and you can get rid of toxins in your body.

3 days - 18 slowjuices - 6 shots
5 days - 30 slowjuices - 10 shots
7 days - 42 slowjuices - 14 shots

-Quick frozen directly after juicing for maximum quality-

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